Weaving cloth has been the tradition of many women from the Rungus tribe at Sabah. The ‘Inavol‘, the woven cloth with geometrical pattern is their traditional clothing worn by both men and women especially during their cultural ceremony.

Beautiful woven cloth weaved by highly skilled weaver. It would take 5-6 years to master this pattern.

As time goes by, there are less weaver left in the community as the younger generation show less interest to learn the skill as one need to undergo vigorous training to master it this traditional art.

Beginners usually start with this easier basic pattern.

The weaving method practised by the Rungus is the small to medium size back-strap loom with one end anchored to a sturdy wall or pillar. For a piece of full patterned cloth sized 50cm x 2meter, it might takes a skilled weaver about 3 – 6 weeks to complete it.

Chanteek Borneo Gallery organises Weaving Workshop based on request, either by a group or by individual. During the workshop, you’ll be taught on how to setup your own weaving tools at home and how to initiate the loom. The back-strap loom and other tools will be provided which you can bring home after the workshop.

To arrange for a customised workshop, please email us at admin@chanteekborneo.com.my.

1-day Basic Weaving Workshop

  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Minimum Attendees: 2 person
  • Fees: RM500/person
  • Tea-break: provided

2-days Weaving Workshop

  • Duration: 2 full day
  • Minimun Attendee: 1 person
  • Fees: RM1400/person
  • Accommodation: not provided
  • Lunch & Dinner: Included